A 6 week business bootcamp for building an unshakable real estate business in 2024

Your Biz In '24
Will it Thrive?

It’s no secret that today’s market is different. What worked just a year or two ago is not working now. Here’s the thing…

People buy & sell homes in EVERY market. AND these are the markets where there is opportunity to rise to the top.

This market is forcing agents to go back to basics. You need more than a business plan or a motivational hype call to go from selling 15 to selling 30 houses next year.

You’re wanting the PROVEN strategies and systems that build a marketproof business that GROWS.

Agents of all experience levels are needing to go back to the basics in order to survive and thrive. Whether you learned them, but got away from them or you’ve never learned them at all, we’re providing tactical and practical tools to build a solid real estate business. 

We're Right There With You!

Look, We've Been here before and we will guide you through this again.

Marketproof Your Biz

Listen, we are not Real Estate coaches who got out of the game 5 years ago and lack understanding of EXACTLY how you feel. We are also not agents who just came into the game during the high of 2021 and are counting on those same strategies to work in 2024.

You and I BOTH know that ain’t happenin’!

We are active Realtors, building businesses right along side of you, who have been in a market like this before and we have the plan to not just survive it, but THRIVE…like kicking butt and taking names kind of thriving. We’re going to help you for 6 straight weeks to build an unshakable foundation for your real estate business.

MARKETPROOF: Business Bootcamp

6-Week Group Coaching

A Deep Dive Training

For 6 weeks, we’ll cover the foundations for exactly what you need in order to have a business that’s going to make it through 2024.

Guided Goal Setting

We’ll teach and guide you through goal setting and time blocking to help you be productive on a daily basis.

Foundational Systems

We’ll teach and hand you the foundational systems to build upon.

Accountability & Community

You’ll get accountability and the community support you need to get after it.

For Just $997

Not Just A Hype Call

It's a Real Estate Business Bootcamp.

This course focuses on foundational systems that you need to have in your real estate business in order to succeed and scale!

Realtors Coaching Realtors®

Girls with Grit Collective was founded in 2021 by three top producing real estate agents who were tired of seeing the same training manuals over and over again. We committed to share our knowledge with women across the nation that share our same space.

A proud mama of 2 boys, this real estate queen is killin’ it in the Denver, Colorado market. She and her husband are a dynamic duo leading a strong team. She’s sold over 1000 homes, flipped almost 300 and is a 4x ICON agent with 18 years of experience.

From investing in real estate to investing in her family of 4, this mama is a real estate baddie in Raleigh, North Carolina. She’s built her business from ground up in multiple markets, has been featured on HGTV, sold close to 800 homes, and is a 2x ICON agent with 13 years of experience.

She’s a boy mom and proud wife who serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area with excellence and class. She’s been a top producer for 19 years, is a 3x ICON agent and has built a successful business from ground up in 2 separate markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 6 week business bootcamp. We will meet weekly on Fridays at 12pm EST for 1 hour.

All sessions will be recorded and recordings will be available to you for 30 days. (Upgrade to VIP in checkout for lifetime access to recordings!)

We will give implementable action steps, homework that may include spreadsheets, templates etc. and will help you with a great foundation to excel in this challenging market.

We will give you what you need to succeed. We typically use free google components like google sheets, and Canva. With some of the templates, you might need a free canva account.

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